Sunday, August 16, 2009


Okay folks Back to my writing. I have pretty lazy, and out of it for awhile. So my apologies to everyone. Today in church had a very interesting discussion. Oh yeah and my son found Jesus as his own personal savior. He was baptized and I hope God blesses him and guides him through his life.
Back to today's discussion. How can we as Christians emulate Jesus values while he was here?
The thing that I thought was interesting. Was God was here on earth for thirty years and no one ever noticed. It reminded me of that song from a few years ago. "What if Go were one of us."
It brought up some great ideas. Like if the media found out. how would they approach him/her.
Give him there own television show. Maybe instead of the apprentice. How about the "Disciple."
Maybe a CNN could pair him/her up with Larry king for a new talk show format.
I suppose my question to God is always the same. If anyone can fix stupid it is him. The answer for me is always the same. Stupid or intelligent, white, black , green, or yellow. He loves us all equally. The greatest thing I have learned is love should be unconditional. After all I am far from perfect. I am a sinner, and have no right to judge others for what they believe or don't.
My belief and prayer is that I am thankful for everything God blesses me with each day. Even when my day truly sucks.
So I end the way I began. What if God was one of us?