Saturday, July 11, 2009

We are always being observed

My friend's daughter's funeral was this week. She died because first she got into a car with a drunk driver. Second because she didn't wear her seat belt. Those two decisions may have ended a life way to early. The wake for this young lady was 6 hours long. Well over five hundred people attended. At least half were young adults. All crying and saying "what a shame." As i stood in line with several of my co-workers. I wondered why, and what would i do if in her mom's place. How can you tell a child don't do this thing. When most if not all of us have done it. Driven drunk, and not worn our seat belts. We are supposed to be the example.
When my daughter heard the story. Her first question was "why would someone so smart.Get in to a car with someone who is drunk?" I couldn't answer her. I said "well maybe her judgement was impaired. Because she may have been drinking as well. Maybe she didn't know the person well enough and felt awkward about saying no." All these answers sounded so dumb when I told her. Mainly because i didn't have the answer for her.Aah the joys of parenthood.
My co-workers and i after the wake went out to have a drink(here comes the irony). The wake and the bar are only two blocks from where I live. So no driving for me. The other six people all lived between 2 to 10 miles from where we were. One of the ladies was driving 75 miles to start her vacation that night. We all sat in the bar and had 2 to three drinks apiece( one girl had water after her first beer, and she wasn't driving).The first round what did we do. Raised our glasses and toasted Anna.
So think for yourselves. First how would you have answered my daughter's question. Then second if you have children remember they're always watching and we are the examples for them.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today was a glorious day. Went to services and praised our lord and savior Jesus. Came home and gave my daughter a ride to work. Did a little shopping. Decided to go for a hike up through the Blue Hills. In the New England region these mountains offer some of the greatest views imaginable.
Took some fantastic photos. I also did some soul searching while I enjoyed God's creations. He truly made a remarkable world for us to enjoy. When I got home my son told me a colleague from work had called. I returned the call, and I wished I hadn't. She was calling to tell me that a fellow nurse's daughter had been killed. She had died about 1:o'clock in the morning on Saturday.
The car she had been in had smashed into a tree. The driver had been drinking. So then his fiance( Mother of their 4 week old child), My friends daughter and her boyfriend got in this car to go get something to eat. Speed and alcohol came into play, and in a matter of minutes everyone but the driver had been killed. Witnesses said that the crash was so bad. The cars engine flew out of the vehicle. God then called 3 young lives home. Their ages were 20,21,2o. My friend's daughter had just started a new job the week before. She was also studying to become a paralegal. A life and a career snuffed out in a moment of time. Over a good time with alcohol.
I cannot imagine what my friend is going through right now. I know and have the faith that this young women is home with our lord.
People will ask "How can god be so cruel?" I don't believe it was God's doing to make the driver have a drink. That was his choice. I just cannot believe that it was God who made that driver speed,just so he could go and get a taco. That again was his choice. Because of the choices that he made. God let him live with the realization that he took 3 lives. My faith tells me those 2 girls and 1 boy are home in heaven. I hope and have faith that god took them quickly, and didn't let them suffer.
I pray for all the families that have been affected by this tragedy. I cannot imagine or even want too the pain they're experiencing. I ask all that read this blog ( if anyone). Hug your own family members. Please, oh please don't get behind the wheel of a car if you have been drinking. I have witnessed this tragedy over and over again. Thank you all for listening to an old mans rant.