Saturday, July 11, 2009

We are always being observed

My friend's daughter's funeral was this week. She died because first she got into a car with a drunk driver. Second because she didn't wear her seat belt. Those two decisions may have ended a life way to early. The wake for this young lady was 6 hours long. Well over five hundred people attended. At least half were young adults. All crying and saying "what a shame." As i stood in line with several of my co-workers. I wondered why, and what would i do if in her mom's place. How can you tell a child don't do this thing. When most if not all of us have done it. Driven drunk, and not worn our seat belts. We are supposed to be the example.
When my daughter heard the story. Her first question was "why would someone so smart.Get in to a car with someone who is drunk?" I couldn't answer her. I said "well maybe her judgement was impaired. Because she may have been drinking as well. Maybe she didn't know the person well enough and felt awkward about saying no." All these answers sounded so dumb when I told her. Mainly because i didn't have the answer for her.Aah the joys of parenthood.
My co-workers and i after the wake went out to have a drink(here comes the irony). The wake and the bar are only two blocks from where I live. So no driving for me. The other six people all lived between 2 to 10 miles from where we were. One of the ladies was driving 75 miles to start her vacation that night. We all sat in the bar and had 2 to three drinks apiece( one girl had water after her first beer, and she wasn't driving).The first round what did we do. Raised our glasses and toasted Anna.
So think for yourselves. First how would you have answered my daughter's question. Then second if you have children remember they're always watching and we are the examples for them.

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