Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When is it enough with your children? When do you say? " I cannot except this anymore." That is what I have reached with my son. It has been 9 months since he has worked. In that time he has had 6 job interviews. He seems perfectly content with his situation. I don't understand this because my wife and myself taught both of our children. That you need to work and get an education to survive. Yet he just sits around watching TV,or playing on the computer. When he supposed to be looking for work.
I love my children to a fault. People tell me including my daughter. You need to kick him out. I can't seem to bring myself to do that. First I don't think he will survive. He doesn't drive ( a fact a cannot possibly understand). He just doesn't care about anything.
Early on when this started. I had asked him "Is this because of your mom? Do you miss her that much? That you've given up on yourself." He said "no, I just can't seem to find work."
When my wife died he was working. He was a grocery clerk part-time. Our family need more income. So I asked him if he could increase his work hours. He was working only 15 to16 hour per week. He said " sure" with his usually dopey grin.
In the coming weeks though his pay was less some weeks and increased in others. He had stories of it was payrolls fault. He would make up the difference the following week.This went on for about 6 months. Then one fine day. I found out he had been fired the previous week. When I asked what for he said" he had been stealing to make up the difference in his pay." I couldn't believe this. He hadn't been raised to steal, and I admit my response was way over the top. You see he was nineteen. So I reacted by kicking him out. I know dumb way to respond. Kid loses his mom, steals ,So dad boots him out the door.
After I cooled down. I went and found him. He was at the library. He had walked around for hours, and ended up there. I brought him home and we worked through it. He again found work after 5 months. He last 3 when he got laid off. That was last October. I kept us afloat while he obtained unemployment. That is about a quarter of what he was earning a week when he was working.
The one thing I want you to understand. I don't make a lot of money. Living in Massachusetts is expensive. My income falls between good to bad. I make enough to support my family gross pay wise. But after taxes, medical,dental, eye coverage. I make enough to support a family of two. I don't qualify for any assistance, because I make to much. But when you figure my take home pay I qualify for rent assistance,food stamps. Isn't funny how the government wants to help. But are using income figures from 1963. When I asked why? They said because if they updated them, more people would qualify. "We can't be helping everyone now could we?" the clerk said to me. WOW! so much for we are bringing about change.
So I will sit and cool down. I will pray and ask god to help me through this problem. I just need time. How much only the finance company, and the landlord know for sure. God will help me through this in that I have faith.

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