Saturday, June 27, 2009

How quickly time goes by

Another week ends, and oh what a week it has been. First Ed McMahon Dies, then Lovely Farrah goes next, and finally Michael Jackson. Three famous individuals all in the same expanse of time. Kind of shows us all how fleeting life really is, and it doesn't matter your economic status or fame. When God calls you home, then home is where you will go. I feel for all their loved ones. The same as I feel for the loss of anyone who has lost their life a their loved ones. I work in an environment where death is always the possibility. So if my meaning comes across as flippant Then please except my sincere apologies.
I have heard in the media what a gentleman Mr McMahon was, as how very courageous Farrah handle her death. Michael Jackson was a great entertainer with a lot of his own personal demons. The media now tries to make up for vilifying him, now to make him the greatest singer of all time. Oh how are attention span has shortened. My wife's favorite saying used to be " Please don't invite certain people. Because if they couldn't say anything nice while I was alive. Then I definitely don't want them at my funeral. "
Makes you kind of wonder doesn't it. I would like to see the media( radio, television, and the press.) Do the same type of tribute for every soldier, Police officer, Firefighter to the janitor. That they're overwhelmingly doing For Michael Jackson. Only to satisfy their sense of right and wrong. I have vented long enough. May god bless all the souls we have lost this week and comfort their families as well.
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven." Mat 6; 19, 20
Thank you all for taking time to read this, and stay tuned tomorrow a little more cheerfulness.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the mouths of Babes

Yesterday started like any other day of the week. It has been raining for four days here. So naturally I am getting ready to build the ark. Instead I drove my car into work, dodging the rivers that have formed where once roads lay ed. Now work on some days can be one of two choices. It can be moderately busy, or like yesterdays version of practicing medicine while a football game is in progress. Minus the referees of course.
So I was doingmy job. Which requires me to be in several locations at the same time doing multiple tasks.Think Michael Keaton in Multiplicity, minus the clones. Moving along I was helping to discharge one patient when across the playing field(oops) the unit I hear my name being called. I answer the person , which is then proceeded with the (here it comes) question" are you busy?" I think come on please. I am discharging here, then in slot 28 I am prepping a patient. Meanwhile The unit clerk needs to use the bathroom so I need to answer the phone. Then help another nurse steer the stretcher. So my answer is " No what do you need."
My day progresses like this for the next ten hours, minus the 45 minute lunch. At the peak of this insanity. I am in with a patient trying to control some bleeding that they have going on. The intercom barks my name. I tell them I am a little busy right now. The unit clerk says it is my daughter, and she says it is very important That she really needs to talk to me. My co-worker comes in immediately, so that I can answer this call. I am thinking
" House burned down, she is kidnapped, My son fell off the roof What?"
I pick up the call and she says in her most loving tones.
"Daddy(Yes she still calls me daddy at seventeen) we're out of grape jelly"
This was the emergency. The all important phone call. I start to laugh, and laugh to the point where people have that nervous he has gone insane look upon their faces.
" Put it on the grocery list i finally tell her. I will get it on Saturday. "
I hang up the phone. I am still chuckling to myself and go back to work for two more hours of insanity.
Once again a child has put the voice of reason into my job with those famous words. There is no grape jelly.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Okay, so here is my question? Why did god make teenage girls? My belief it was to torment fathers,kinda his own sense of humour. My reason for asking this question is simple. I had thought that my daughter and I had a pretty good relationship with her.
That may have been my poor reading of the situation. I mean as much as I had to admit it. I did go prom dress shopping with her. She didn't want any of her aunts nope just dad. I took that as a pretty great compliment. She does confide just about everything to me. She would call me at 2pm everyday after school. Just to tell me how her day went, and I would listen. Why because that was what her mom would do.
But how come every time she has a fight with her boyfriend. I become the target of her aggression. Now normally I would just let it go, but it intrigues me. If a male were to do this to a female. Example male a fights with his girlfriend, so then he comes home and starts targeting his mom, and sister. When He is mad at his girlfriend.
So again why me ? This is just a rant by a very tired and confused male. Thank you for your time and patience. Further updates to follow. Oh and another thing when she is like this think. Diary of a shopaholic, meets Mean girls.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A new Begining

Happy father's day to all. Well a start to the new week has begun. New hope's and wishes. A fresh start to the week.
I managed to Get to Starbucks and write off another thousand words to my short story. Very productive considering I didn't start that way this morning. But after 3 cups of coffee it is amazing how much you can get done.
My children gave me a couple of movies and a New tripod as gifts. I was impressed, and my son is cooking dinner. This is due to the fact that his sister is working.
Every now and then they do surprise dear old dad. They are so different yet so alike in a lot of heir ways. Even the way they came into this world was different for each of them. One came 4 week early, and the other was here 2 months early. But that is a blog for a later date.
So god bless, have a excellent week, and keep on writing