Sunday, June 21, 2009

A new Begining

Happy father's day to all. Well a start to the new week has begun. New hope's and wishes. A fresh start to the week.
I managed to Get to Starbucks and write off another thousand words to my short story. Very productive considering I didn't start that way this morning. But after 3 cups of coffee it is amazing how much you can get done.
My children gave me a couple of movies and a New tripod as gifts. I was impressed, and my son is cooking dinner. This is due to the fact that his sister is working.
Every now and then they do surprise dear old dad. They are so different yet so alike in a lot of heir ways. Even the way they came into this world was different for each of them. One came 4 week early, and the other was here 2 months early. But that is a blog for a later date.
So god bless, have a excellent week, and keep on writing

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