Monday, June 22, 2009

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Okay, so here is my question? Why did god make teenage girls? My belief it was to torment fathers,kinda his own sense of humour. My reason for asking this question is simple. I had thought that my daughter and I had a pretty good relationship with her.
That may have been my poor reading of the situation. I mean as much as I had to admit it. I did go prom dress shopping with her. She didn't want any of her aunts nope just dad. I took that as a pretty great compliment. She does confide just about everything to me. She would call me at 2pm everyday after school. Just to tell me how her day went, and I would listen. Why because that was what her mom would do.
But how come every time she has a fight with her boyfriend. I become the target of her aggression. Now normally I would just let it go, but it intrigues me. If a male were to do this to a female. Example male a fights with his girlfriend, so then he comes home and starts targeting his mom, and sister. When He is mad at his girlfriend.
So again why me ? This is just a rant by a very tired and confused male. Thank you for your time and patience. Further updates to follow. Oh and another thing when she is like this think. Diary of a shopaholic, meets Mean girls.

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