Friday, June 19, 2009

Not so bad when you look at the big picture

Well the end of the week is here, and TGIF. The past couple of days haven't been what you might say as spectacular. But then again unless you're Bill Gates most weeks are not that spectacular.
First work was horrendous, and in health care that isn't a word you really want to hear. In two days time we did 78 cases, mostly cardiac catherizations. Then on the way home lost the cell phone. That may have been the highlight. My car went to the shop to have the check engine light fixed.That was better than expected. But right after I left the mechanic's, you betcha not one but 2 flat tires. So got those fixed without a problem. It was easy when I was only 2 blocks from the mechanics.
So where do you think all this is heading. Really once you read this just think your week may not be half as bad as the next person's. Because that is just the way I am looking at it. I did need a new phone, so I figured it;s God just telling me it's time to do just that. Yes work was busy, but at least I am working. Lastly I was glad I was as close to the mechanics with my flat tires. I could have been farther and going a lot faster.
So happy father's day to all, and remember "if we don't all start laughing we will go insane."

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