Sunday, June 14, 2009

A lazy Sunday, or what every day should be like

Well another start to the week ahead, and what shall God bring to it. I couldn't make it to church because My daughter needed a ride to work. Hopefully she will have her license soon, and then god help us all. So I read a little bible, watched Charles Stanley,and cooked breakfast.
I decided i needed to get some writing done. I worked out that I would drop off my daughter. Then off to the local Starbucks. I wonder why writers and academics flee to the Starbucks. Maybe a story idea out of that one.
I took the laptop, sure enough in little less then 2 hours I pumped out my first story. I got home and submitted online. I let my son review it. I think he was a little impressed with it.
I also learned that when your children are frightened of you. They don't make the best literary critics. When I told him he would not be placed on the racked, or drawn and quartered. He gave me his honest opinion He liked it, and said he wished it was longer. I told him I was limited by the word count for the contest. He said " Oh in that case it is very good."
But again he is bias. Notice I didn't let my daughter read it. Why? Because she thinks that this writing thing her dad is doing is lame. So stay away from hostile critics.
Once I have heard I will post it here, and let the masses tear me apart. But what better way to learn.
The rest of the day is just me doing what I love to do most. Cooking, Getting ready for work tomorrow, Placing hot pokers in my eyes at the thought of work. Oh sorry did I write that.
Well til tomorrow. Thank al of you who take the time to read this drivel that I spew. May your days be happy ones, and your nights be spent sleeping in beautiful peace.

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