Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hope this helps.

I am a middle aged father of 2 teenagers. A twenty something boy, and a seventeen year old daughter. I became a widower 2 years ago, on mother's day. I lost my wife of twenty-one years quite suddenly. So i took over being a single parent. This was quite the challenge considering My wife handled everything in our home. She was the social director, and just let me know when to show up. She also ran my daughter around to her extra-curricular activities. Still had time to volunteer at their schools, and hospice care.
MY wife also suffered from juvenile diabetes,kidney failure, and neuropathy and failing eyesight. Never once did she complain about doing for others or volunteering for one thing or another. Well never complained to anyone but me, and i Guess that is part of a husbands duty. I understand that now,but then I hated it. Strange how hindsight can make us wiser.
We will blog more on my kids and her later. Let me continue to tell you why I am even doing this blog. One reason is I am trying to learn to become a writer. The second reason is why not.
I work for a large metropolitan hospital. I have worked in the health care field for nearly 30 years. I was practically raised in a hospital. I have done just about every job, except nursing and being a doctor. So there will be some interesting stuff there to talk about.
Lastly I am a born again christian. Converting from Catholicism, to become an Evangelical baptist. SO yes there will be some discussion on Jesus, and God here as well.
I will try to blog daily, or every other day. If you have any comments please feel free to leave me some criticisms or insights. Please writing you suck serves no purpose, except showing your limited vocabulary.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and till the next time.

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