Sunday, June 7, 2009

How a marriage starts,or what not to do when you are in love

On today's date at 1pm I was married. The day started with my best man almost getting arrested on the way to the wedding. It ended with my new wife and I getting locked out of out hotel room at 3 in the morning.
We had been taken to the hotel by none other than her father. Who we both believed if he could have gone up to the room with us he would have. That was my first day with my new bride.It took 2 days for me even to say that I was married. But through that whole day I knew that I loved her.
The biggest question I think that people ponder is, what is love? well my answer came when I got married. I think that love is when two human beings can be themselves totally. No trying to impress each other,or feeling they have to act a certain way. It means both parties feel the kindred emotion of total acceptance.
That was how I felt about my wife. Yes through the years we had are battles,but we both realized the a relationship was like work. Both parties giving and taking,but for the same goal. To remain together forever. Communication with another human being is critical,after all nobody is a mind reader.Again just my opinion.
I mentioned my best man almost getting arrested. It is a very amusing story
It started that morning at his house,We all were recovering from my bachelor party from the night before. All of us woke up late,and e had an hours drive to the church. Somehow we managed to get out of the house in record time, and Dennis jumped into the driver's seat.
We must have been doing eighty down the highway. Twenty minutes into the drive I hear the siren, and Dennis says " crap I don't have my license." I thought he forgot his wallet so I wasn't concerned.
I was wrong, Dennis Told me right then that he had lost his license because of a DUI charge. I then thought we are so screwed.
He pulled over and the state trooper came to the window.
"License and registration." he gruffly said
"I can give you the registration, but I don't have a license officer." Dennis reluctantly said.
The trooper looked in the car, and asked where we were going?
" I am getting married today, and he is my best man."
"Not today he isn't, today he is under arrest."
Dennis proceeded to exit the car, as the officer told him to do.
But than he started taking his tux off."what the hell you doing."
screamed the trooper.
" If I get arrested, then he's going to need this tux for someone else."
The trooper told him to stop as he got to his shorts, and then asked if anybody else could drive. Dennis's brother said he could
"Okay you put your clothes back on, and you get behind the wheel. Then follow me."
That trooper gave us an escort all the way to the church. I think just to verify we weren't making it up. Not because he was being nice.
I got there 10 minutes ahead of my bride, and all she heard about the incident was that we almost got arrested. She went through the entire ceremony wondering what the hell happened.
Well that's enough for today, and may you all have a blessed Sunday. Stay tuned because if this is how it starts, think how the rest is going to go.

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