Monday, June 8, 2009

What I do and why I do it

I have told you I work in health care. That part is true. M mom actually got me started. She had worked in our local hospital as a nurses aide. She had done this since as long as I could remember. That was her night job,during the day she worked as a meat wrapper in the local Market. Both my parents worked 2 jobs, and never ones that most people would say made sense. My father worked during the day as a granite cutter in the quarry in our town. At night he was the head chef in an Italian restaurant. Which was funny because my dad was a full blooded American Indian.

But I digress. After my dad passed away.My mother would bring me to the hospital to keep me out of trouble. So by the time I as ten,I could wrap an OR kit, and run it through a sterilizer. I knew the stocking level on most of the floors, and finally how to give a bed bath before I even turned 12. Impressive some might say. But not necessarily a normal childhood.

My mother raised me to believe .That if you worked in hospital well you would always have a job. She always encourage me to do hospital care. So that is what i have done. But not maybe for the reasons you may think.
I enjoy taking care of people. I find it very rewarding. My job basically entails assisting nurses and physicians in doing their jobs. I prepare the patient both physically, and mentally for procedures that they are about to under go.
Mentally I try to allay their fears.Because fear of the unknown is really the most terrifying for a human being. Than any other emotion. So being greeted by a smile. A joke or two will probably lighten the mood.
Some words of advice about coming to the hospital,or doctors office. Please if you arrive early do not think you are coming in early. Old wives tale. If you arrive late plan on waiting. Because early or late medical time is totally different than human time. Everyone waits, it is a rule that you are entering a hurry up and wait world. Your in a hurry we make you wait.
Second whatever anyone tells you multiply it by three. If someone says " We will be with you in a couple of minutes." That means at least 6 to 12 minutes. If you hear " It will take about an hour before we can do the x-ray." that equals a three hour wait just to be told " It may be another 15 to 20 minutes." which means another 45 minute wait. Then you go to another room to get changed into that lovely Johnie. Then your told it will be 5 to 10 minutes more, and you wait a half hour.
So as a rule of thumb. If you can do it. Take the day off for any type of medical visit. That way if it moves right along,
it will be a gift.
More on the ever changing world of health care. Also my adventures in this ever changing writer's adventure.

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