Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it truly like father like son

My daughter and son are two opposites. First my son, he is 20 soon to be 21 years old. He loves to read, video games, and television. Now I wish he would take that energy and put it towards his life.
I can tell you he is a great and kind human being. When he focus's on a goal there is no stopping him in attaining it. I think at least part of the way he is turning out is my fault. When he was younger I left most of his upbringing to his mom. I was always working, and when I would get home i wouldn't spend to much time with him. Mainly because working nights meant sleeping days. Which did't leave much time for family bonding.
Then My wife became pregnantwith our second child. This pregnancy didn't go according to hoyle. She was constantly in and out of the hospital. several times taken out by ambulance. So what happened was, the t.v. became my babysitter. It was just easier. I know seeing your mom at five years old taken out by ambulances couldn't have helped either.
When his sister was born again he was placed second. Due to janey being born 3 months premature. She came home on monitoring, and all sorts of problems. My wife was also recovering. The pregnanacy had caused her kidneys to shutdown. So that couldn't have helped either.
I know these all excuses do not justufy Johns behavior. But could they really have helped? I will write further on this in the coming days. I also welcome any comments from any parents. This is a whole new realm for me.

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