Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It amazes me as old as people get, how we still act like children. I was working today, and I overheard two people talking. Both of them were quite upset about there discussion. What it came down to they thought that another nurse and technician weren't doing as much work as they were. Now both of these people are well into there forties. Raised children and have grandchildren as well. Sounds like two adults, but they sounded like two kids.
" They haven't gotten one case all day" Nurse one says
" I know, they always get less cases. I think the flow nurse likes them better." Said tech one.
No, really the head nurse likes them better. Came out of a grown adult mouth. But the bottom line is that all of this was based upon their perception. You see if the two people had checked it out. That crew had been working through the night. Second while the first two were doing their case. The second crew was doing another case, and relieving people for lunches. So you see everything we do is based upon perception.
Rather than just do our jobs, we stand around watching and worrying about what the other guy is doing. Wasting time and starting rumors. Creating dissension and hurting peoples feelings. So how do you stop this from happening. Try to remember we're adults and should act accordingly.I know this is easier said then done. All we can do is try.
Just a passing thought. To raise some questions about our own actions.

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