Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy fourth of July. Our country is 233 yrs of age. Still young compared to the other nations of the world. Still acting like we should run everything. Yet shouldn't we clean up our own backyard first.
Our economy is still a mess, and the government is making little headway is solving the problems. Jobless rate is up to 9.5%. Homelessness is rising. I have also read that bank regulators have closed banks. All this news is very dire to read.
I am concerned that during all this the leading news is still Michael Jackson. I feel this is the medias attempt to lead us away from the other news.Such as North Korea testing Missiles. The supreme court nominee's major decision on the New haven Firefighters is over turned. Still we go on, despite all of this. This story is not meant as a criticism. Rather it is meant as a complement. Because in no other country. Could we even think of putting our criticisms and concerns in writing. I applaud our nation.
I believe that we will come through this time of crisis. I believe that with God's help influencing our leaders decisions.I pray for the soldiers that our still fighting for our country. To some people who observed this celebration. It may appear like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. But I think that this celebration is a reminder of what we a Americans can do.
Lets stop concerning ourselves with celebrity lives and start looking at our own. Lets raise our children, instead of allowing them to grow up. My mother and father used to say" we're not here to be your friends, those you can make on your own. We're here to teach you right from wrong, and the consequences of wrong choices.To show you how to respect your elders. To be examples of what is good and right about people."
As I grow older. I remember these words more and more. I miss my parents, my wife, my brothers and sisters on this day. Why? Because this day was also about the American family, and how we would have to stay together through the good and the bad. Supporting each other through thick and thin.

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