Sunday, June 28, 2009

Never Judge a Book By It's Cover

Sunday morning started out great. Made my famous waffles for breakfast. Off to church. Then on the way home stopped by a couple of places so my son could look for work. Day proceeded even better. Went to Starbucks after dropping my daughter off at work. Was able to write about 1500 words. So story is at 3300 words. cannot wait to do the editing.
So now my daughter calls me to inform me that one of her customers accused her of being a racist. Which if you knew my daughter would be laughable. It is also amusing because her bosses are all people of color. You see she works in a shoe store, and when she was trained she was told that if anyone enters the store with large bags. Then the girls must watch them. So this family of color came into the store. She greeted them and asked if she could be of service. They refused very annoyed at being asked. She noticed that each had large shopping bags, and asked if they wanted to leave them in the front so as not to have to carry them around. Giving the customers more freedom to look around. She does this for all customers per her managers protocols.Again very annoyed they refused. So then the family proceeded down one of the aisles. The only other customer in the store was checking out( Nicole describes him as a regular, and likes him because and I quote " He is the first gay man of color she has ever met,And he helped her pick out a great pair of shoes." My daughter could care less your color or religion. Only thing she cares about is how you treat and act towards her.
So to make a long story short. The family got upset and said my daughter was watching them because they were only black people in the store . Nicole's response " No we watch all people with large shopping bags, and when your the only customers in a 3 aisle shoe store. You kind of do get watched." Then she said her manager Heather came out when she heard the remark. Her reply was " Come back anytime. We appreciate your business. Have a nice day."
The family stood there looking at Heather staring because Heather is a very stunning women. She is of Asian and African descent, and is also wheelchair bound. None of which makes a bit of difference because I have raised Nicole, and John to treat people like you would care to be treated. Not on how they look. Just on their actions. To see past the color barrier. Because Idiots and Morons come in all shapes, sizes and color.
Because after all people sometimes stare at me. Should I assume it is because I am a large Fat man or maybe because my fly was open. Either way Try to look at the larger picture. We have a man of color in the white house calling for change. So why not lets all try to change and see how that works out for us. Because the old ways really do not ever work. So why not be American people, and not African, Irish, Mexican, Italian or any other people. Let try being Americans
Sorry for the rant, but just a father trying to protect his daughter from the stupidity in this world

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